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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 9, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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breast cancer in his owner. the truth behind cold remedies. not all of them work. we will tell you what you need to know. donald trump is here live. >> great joining you here today. >> have a great sunday, everyone. >> the federal government is extending more rights and prims to same-sex couples. attorney general eric holder planning to issue the official memorandum tomorrow that ensured married same-sex couples gets the same legal benefits nationwide even in states where same-sex marriage is not recognized. that's for couples that are affiliated with the justice department. hi, everybody. i'm jamie colby and welcome to america's news headquarters.
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>> the policy for same-sex marriage includes not giving incriminating testimony against each other and inmates will be covered. the attorney general pushing back against critics at a human rights gala and said it addresses the civil rights issue of our time. >> these initial changes will positively impact the lives of so many across the nation. all of these are worth celebrating. i want to make one thing clear. for my colleagues or me, i know for all of you, they are only the beginning. >> what else does it call for? live in washington with the latest details. hello, molly. >> attorney general eric holder said he wants to give same-sex marriages full and equal recognition to the greatest extent possible under the law. for example, starting monday, same-sex couples will not be compelled to testify in federal court. holder took it a step further
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and said under the policy, even in states where same-sex marriages are not recognized, the federal government will not use state use as a basis to object to someone in a same-sex marriage invoking this right. 33 states have laws defining marriage as a union woo between one man and one woman, but they will recognize same-sex couples in criminal and civil cases. they are basing the decision on the windsor decision saying that federal benefits could not be denied to legally matter same-sex couples. they allow them who is allowed to be married. tony perkins said holder's announcement is yet another illustration of the lawlessness of this administration. he said the court was conspicuously silent on the status of such couples when they reside in the state that considers them unmarried.
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the obama's administration's hate runs counter to the windsor's decision on the federal government's obication to defer to the state definitions of marriage. holder announces the department of justice will recognize married, gay, and lesbian couples in bankruptcy cases and rules governing federal inmates. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> let's turn overseas now. to the desperate situation that continues in syria. workers continue the delivery of food and supplies primarily to the city of homes and they are trying to evacuate dozens of civilians that have been trapped by the continuing civil war. forces reportedly broke a ceasefire yesterday and an attack included a mortar that landed near un personnel. all of the violence interrupted a three-daybreak in the fighting.
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meanwhile top government officials in iran are throwing strong accusations at that country's precedent. according to iranian state tv, hard line lawmakers said the president put a stop to a scheduled missile test and refuseded to approve the budget. this has they remain at odds over the fragile framework that nuclear deal that has been made temporarily with the west. joining us live with the latest on this, developments overnight? >> jamie, there is clearly a major fight shaping up in iran. on one hand you have the newly elected president while he is viewed as a practice mativity and elected by more moderate people in iran. he won by promising to restart or jump-start the economy and removed international sanctions and also engaged with western leaders from around the world.
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now, he faces a hard line establishment in tehran who long used iran's nuclear programs and the threat from america to govern the islamists in the public. the outreach to the west and the temporary nuclear deal threatens the base of the hard liners, particular low the revolutionary guard. it hits the bank accounts as well by scaling back on iran's nuclear programs, cancelling tests and building projects. he is undermining the hard liner influence over the economy and that has them extremely angry. so far the supreme leader has allowed him it do this. even though it angered many hard liners. just a few minutes ago, we learned that iran allowed international inspectors into iran to see important parts of the nuclear program including a uranium mine. we are understanding that they will not allow them to inspect the military sites. this is a step forward and it
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will no doubt really anger the hard liners in tehran. >> to say the least. we have more on this. thank you so much. eric? >> they indicated growing questions over whether the deal that is reached between iran and the world powers in november will actually work. amid prediction that is the talks can be extended beyond the initial six months. does this mean this will continue to drag on. the atomic inspector set to be expected to assess the deal. at the heart of this, they want to know if iran had been developing a potential nuclear bomb. they want to know about the huge mine conor was told about. scientists for iran had been working at one point, a possible nuclear detonators. fred say former senior analyst and managing editor who joins us now. good to see you.
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conor mentioned although they may open up the uranium mine, they will not let them focus on any deals with the military aspects of the nuclear program. what do you think that means? >> this is sort of disturbing, but typical for the way iran cooperated or supposedly cooperated with the iaea. i should have the iranian mines were zero. it's low quality and did not have much of it. they have enormous rich stockpile according to the nuclear perforation education center and could be made with bombs right now to further enrich the weapons grade. there serious outstanding questions about the program. this facility, one was destroyed. one had the earth removed called parching. iran is conducting the nuclear activities. nuclear warhead development. they want to go there and iran has been refusing.
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>> iran could potentially right now have enough material to make what, to five nuclear bombs? they are supposed to be cooperating with the world powers. >> we have a deal with iran that a very small limitation on the nuclear program, but it doesn't force it to give up centrifuges and give up the stockpile with enriched uranium. this is supposed to be a steppingstone. i would argue that there has to be an agreement to get rid of this. iran has to answer the serious outstanding questions about the nuclear program. let me tell you another one. iran is trying to development uranium hemispheres. only one reason to develop them and that's for the nuclear weapon. they will not explain why they are trying to do this. >> can you explain what that is? >> it's the use of metal into
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two hemispheres that are put into the core of a nuclear weapon. it is detonated with the detonator. naturally the metal is stable chemically and difficult to work with. these do you means accidentally reveal to the iaea and this was frankly a smoking gun. >> were those documents on an iranian computer that was smuggled out of tehran that detailed all the stuff? >> that's right. one of many documents that had been obtained from the iranian scientists. this is one of them. there is a lot more out there that indicate the nuclear weapons program. >> iran denied that. ahmadinejad said it was criminal to have a nuclear and they want it for peaceful purposes and they are not destroying anything. >> that creates the problem for the negotiations. iran is claiming they never
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tried and never pursued nuclear weapons and they are completely peaceful. evidence suggests to the contrary. either they own up to what they have been doing which means they have been lied to or continue to drag their feet. i don't see an indication they will give an honest answer. >> what does that mean? you have the action that the eu negotiators say it can go on for 18 months. what does that mean? >> i'm afraid there is a sentiment by the united states to do something and have an agreement to say to their public they are doing something about this. they are hoping that this will lead to an agreement. the problem is by doing this, they are legitimizing the regime as a partner while iran continues to enrich uranium and refuses to destroy the centrifuges and continues to make a heavy water plant that will be a source of plutonium.
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>> we will get back to you and hear what happens six months, august 9th. this is february 9th. if this continues and drags on without an agreement. good to see you and thank you very much for joining us. >> good to be here. >> thank you so much. the ukraine said recent unrest will not derail the dream of hopes in the olympics, but there have been deadly protests and they are in the third month as pro european demonstrators push against the pro russian president. the western cultural capital is in the running to host the games in 2022. on sunday the committee said the olympics are above politics and with the game's eight years away, they have lots of time and opportunity to sell the issues. they have a lot. >> gold alert, the u.s. snowboarding team is showing they are as good as the men's. jamie anderson takes the gold in
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what is a near flawless performance. the wind comes after sage took home the men's. he gave america the first medal of the games. the current medal count, the u.s., we are in a three-way tie for the most gold. we have two, but we are sitting in third place behind norway and the netherlands. how about that. >> i watched that sport last night. it's a new one. i have to say they not only snowboard on snow, but they go down the metal rails and flip up and turn around. it's wild. >> don't try it at home. >> for sure. don't try it at all. how about this. the congressional budget office said obamacare creates a disincentive for people to work. a republican has to share his thought with wallace and we will have a preview. >> a lot of people in the dark. a lot of people's ice storm
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docked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. some of the lights are now starting to come on today. guess what. a new storm is on the way. >> no! >> we will have indepth details of what to expect later on this sunday. thanks for spending some of your sunday with us. you are watching the fox news channel. we'll be right back. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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. the head of the congressional budget office said obamacare offers a disincentive for people to work and could reduce the workforce by the equivalent of, sit down for this, two million full time workers by 2017. today republican senator roy blunt of missouri said the news on obamacare keeps getting worse and worse. listen. >> the numbers we are looking at would risk the cost of experience and the people who are uninsured or the people who
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simply are not working full time. it's a bigger number and harder to deal with than anybody who voted for this law thought it would be. i didn't vote for it and didn't think it had the capacity to work. all the numbers exceed the bad news that had been anticipated. >> the anchor of fox news and can't believe these numbers, chris. >> we have to be clear here. the nonpartisan score keeper for washington and the government said it doesn't mean that it's to go back at the full decade. it's 2 1/2 million people. it's not that they will be thrown out, but because of the fact that their salary is raised, the subsidy for health insurance is lowered. it's a disincentive for people to work and for people to work less or not at all. their subsidy will be bigger.
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now you get the white house's counter argument. we have that from democrat cardin ask senator from maryland is a lot of these people are locked into jobs because of health insurance and this will free them up. the counter argument is why should we as taxpayers be subsidizing the decision that they want to work less and work for an economy in a weak recovery to have 2 1/2 million workers working less or not at all. >> i feel the pain of people who are out of work and on the other hand i look ahead to my analytical business mind who said if they are not working they are not putting money into the economy. that hurts everybody. >> that's right. as i say, we have a weak recovery. fewer people working and less money churning up into the economy and less revenue.
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there certainly is an economic impact of all this. this was one of the things that was a little bit like if you like your plan, you can keep it. the experts knew that there was going to be a disincentive to people working. it was only supposed to be 800,000 and now it's 2.5 million. >> as senator blunt keeps saying, the numbers will get worse. >> what will they do about it and are democrats beginning to join the position of republicans that obamacare is not shaping up or looking as promised. >> there certainly is concern, particularly among the red state democrats running for election in november of 2014, but something this basic, the subsidies for health care, there is not much they can do unless you repeal the entire plan. president obama said as long as he is in office.
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pafr it will be interesting to see more reaction after the interview airs of what people think and who is signing on to the fact that people may not even need or want to work. amazing. this is the perfect topic for this week. what everyone is talking about. thank you so much. >> definitely don't miss this interview. it's such an important issue. chris wallace's interview with senator roy blunt. tune in and we will give you two chances to do this at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. eric? >> a lot of northeast looks like sochi after the two back to back snowstorms. guess what. more is on the way. how bad will it be and what areas see the most snow later on today. in the weather center, he'll give us the answer when we come back. [poof!]
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. hard at work, fire crews. a massive fire is contained and could take a while for it to completely burn out. you can imagine? look at the pictures. this fire was fuelled by 5600 tons of rubber. one witness comparing the scene to a volcanic eruption and folks are saying it's better to stay indoors for now. the plumes of smoke are still filling the sky. the fire began at a warehouse at the city's port. thankfully all of the workers are accounted for and all okay and no word on how the fire started. >> the lights are back on for nearly all the 850,000 people who lot of power. in pennsylvania and maryland. after that huge ice storm left a troil of downed power lines and debris last week, crews continue
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to make repairs and another snowstorm is already on its way. you have the fox extreme weather center. hannah is going look like sochi when we are done with this. >> that might be overdone here. at least sochi the town doesn't have that snow. it's in the higher elevations. the cold air is in place and hasn't gotten above freezing. that's not going to change over the next couple of days. snow is moving across in the future radar across pennsylvania and upstate new york and parts of west virginia. by the time it's said and done, we are looking at a dusting to a couple of inches. it's not going to cause any problems for the most part. this is the snow across areas of the ohio valley in west virginia into pennsylvania. across the west, a lot of moisture here. we desperately need as much rain as we can get and we are getting it for the next to seven days it
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looks like a wet pattern and rain in washington in the next couple of days and back towards california. part of that energy is going to move down towards the south. take a look at this. the blue, there is a winter stormwatch in effect. potentially five to eight inches of snow over memphis and little rock. atlanta under winter stormwatch. potentially dealing with snow again. remember what happened? you got more. >> that's amazing. >> with stuff like that, it's amazing. >> very snowy across the south. >> hopefully they don't have a lot of problems. >> that means my atlanta house guest is staying longer. sunday house call. mammograms accident when you need them, could be more often, and stroke risk. a new catalytic converter when all you got is a loose gas cap. what? it is that simple sometimes. thanks. now let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch. hey you know what? i'll drive!
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. >> i'm jamie colby and i guarantee you will be glad you tuned in today for house call. >> welcome to sunday house call. joining us is dr. mark segal, professor of medical and unlocking the skred code of sickness. >> wait, there is more. you get two opinions. chairman and professor of urology. chief of robotics surgery. doctors, welcome. >> great to have you here. there was a new warning that came out from the american heart association and a lot of people


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